San Francisco, California

420 Megapixel Panorama

One Room Brothel, Rhyolite, Nevada

350 Megapixel Panorama

Refection, Sedona, AZ

180 Megapixel Panorama

1930's Beach Houses, Crystal Cove, CA

250 Megapixel Panorama

Sunrise, Newport Coast, CA

Newport Coast, CA

230 Megapixel Panorama

Medium Format Photography by Guy Loughridge

All of the panoramas are shot using a PhaseOne digital camera


This site ( shows only a few sample panoramas. Clicking on one of the images will take you to That will take you to a portfolio where you can see nearly all of my panoramas in full size.


Learn how to create these images using an iPhone or a DSLR. I'll also discuss how to effectively use a medium format camera to do the same.


These Panoramas are Large, Very Large...

Each digital photograph taken by a PhaseOne medium format digital camera creates 60 to 100 megapixel image. The process of making a panorama uses many images and stitches them together.

A simple panorama might consist of 8 or more images that are tied together. Some of the images that I have shot have as many as 400 images that make up that panorama. Almost any one of these panoramas could fill a wall 8 feet high and 20 or more feet wide. Gigapan is the only web site that can actually display these large images so you can see them.


Browse through my portfolio at

Or learn how to create panoramas.


My panoramas were shot using three methods.


  • The first method produces a wide multiple image photograph of stitched images, usually 2 to 5 images. A simple sunset might be an example.
  • The second method does the same, but creates an image that is a 360 degrees view (typically 8 images).
  • The third method extends this even farther to create a fully spherical image (typically 40 images).


Medium Format Cameras, Image Size and Color Depth

This is where the PhaseOne camera's capabilities really shine. The digital sensors on these cameras capture amazing detail with vibrant colors.




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